yes I’ve a vagina re: Kangana Ranaut AIB tune is maximum honest tackle Bollywood. Watch video by means of SAEED NASIR

From actors who’re launched through their daddies to actresses being delivered to hero’s behest, Kangana Ranaut’s AIB video tackles everything that’s incorrect with Bollywood.

Kangana Ranaut’s AIB song puts coloration on inherent sexism in Bollywood.

whilst filmmaker Hansal Mehta tweeted about a task concerning his Simran superstar Kangana Ranaut and YouTube institution, AIB, we thought it’d be any other promotional video. however when has Kangana followed traits or way of life? The cutting-edge video, which turned into launched online Monday night time, actually speaks on every single difficulty that Kangana has raised via her various interviews.

Titled AIB: The Bollywood Diva tune feat, the video indicates Kangana as a film heroine, Priya, inside the middle of an item tune/wedding ceremony music. Manaswi Mohata, Anuya Jakatdar, Ayesha Nair and Supriya Joshi have penned down the tune this is directed via Tanmay Bhatt.

right within the starting, when Priya wants to query the director approximately the irrational traces she has, she desires to introduce herself. She says, “the actress, woman lead” but the director most effective receives it when she says “love hobby” due to the fact in Bollywood that is the only “jo hero ke saath rehti hai”.

The hero, obviously, is dealt with like God. From his pointers on the script to preference of heroines, whatever the hero says is gospel.

The video additionally takes on token feminism – whilst the heroes still take a higher pay cheque, heroines are privileged to have their names appear before him at the credit roll. this is until the “love hobby” falls off the grace and is changed in the movie.

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