Wish OF AN Hip Hop Star Mika Singh! BY SAEED NASIR

The Independence Day of both rival countries Pakistan and India is in close proximity to. So the preparations and plans of Self-reliance Day is very dynamic. Hip Hop legend Mika Singh just stressed due to a recently available controversy.

Bollywood Singer Really wants to Celebrate Indo-Pak Freedom Together!

While talking with his followers, the HIPHOP star indicated his wish of having peace between your two rival countries Pakistan and India and also sought folks of both countries to commemorate the Self-reliance Day alongside one another. He wanted peace between two countries through his Freedom Day Show. But he required it in an incorrect way. His video tutorial angered a whole lot of his lovers and the pop-star received enormous backlash.

Singh’s words created a blend over social advertising, here’s what triggered the fuss!


Hip Hop Celebrity Mika Singh Gave A Video Subject matter About His Concert IN THE US.

Indian people just don’t understand what the Hip Hop Superstar Mika Singh says about serenity and unity.





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