Will Jackson and Maggie Get Together in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 14? BY SAEED NASIR

Will Jaggie really be considered a thing on Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy? Judging from the trailer, it looks like this highly-controversial marriage is moving forward.

Jackson and Maggie are both sole on Grey’s Anatomy. Jackson, of course, was married to April, but they broke up. Still, their relationship has been very on-again, off-again. Apr didn’t inform Jackson about their baby until after they acquired a divorce, however they also installed while in Montana during Season 13.
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Maggie, meanwhile, hasn’t been too blessed in love either. She dated DeLuca, but he was uncomfortable dating an joining and things got super odd. She then possessed a crush on Riggs, but he finished up dating Meredith.
But Jackson and Maggie, who are sort of step-siblings incidentally, started getting deeper during Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy. Maggie really leaned on Jackson after her mother passed away, even though he previously maintained her mom’s health problems a secret while he was dealing with her. Then, in the Season 13 finale, April advised Maggie it was clear Jackson had emotions for her.
Now it looks like the budding love has been validated in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 promo.
Of course, there have been a lot of extreme reactions to the new relationship. While some admirers think Jackson and Maggie would be sweet mutually, others are weirded out by the step-siblings seeing and think that Jackson and April should ultimately get back together.
“What’s ironic is that all of the reasons the fans may not want Jackson and Maggie to gather will be the exact things that make really great crisis,” Kelly McCreary previously informed EW. “That is true of life, too, the stuff that makes things a bit messier is the products we think we don’t want, but finally makes us more powerful, so in the event that’s where it will go, then there’s probably good account to mine and good lessons to teach there about mankind and god has learned what else.”
We’ll have to wait and discover if Maggie and Jackson actually gather. But it does indeed feel just like Jackson and Apr will get back mutually eventually, so even if Maggie and Jackson get together during Season 14, their marriage probably won’t last very long.

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