Will Beyonce Be WITH THE 2017 BET Honours? She’s A Little Busy AT THIS TIME BY SAEED NASIR

The 2017 BET Awards are approaching on June 25 and, if the telecast is anything like the last few ceremonies, it’s destined to be an entertaining and star-studded evening. Famous performers like Mary J. Blige and Bruno Mars are taking the level, and Leslie Jones reaches the helm as coordinator of the evening’s ceremonies. So not only does indeed that indicate tons of laughs and some over-the-top moments on top of that, it does mean the night has already been very A-List. But, could it be really an award show if Queen Bey isn’t in attendance? Impossible as it may seem, things have become even busier for the celebrity recently. So, is Beyonce participating in the 2017 Gamble Awards?

Well, I believe it could be argued that Beyonce gets the best excuse in the overall game right now for not attending any event. Just a few days in the past on June 12, Beyonce and her spouse JAY-Z apparently welcomed their twins into the world. That is clearly a very recent, very all-encompassing experience, and if they really are here, I’m sure she actually is bathing in every in . of her new babies right now. While it was not officially declared whether she will attend the Guess Accolades or not, I think it is pretty safe to say that Beyonce will be foregoing this particular event.

As though the sheer reality she gave labor and birth isn’t enough of an excuse to stay out any engagements for the near future, I’ll repeat that Beyonce provided labor and birth to twins. As a new mom to twins myself, I can testify that it can be a very intense experience. According to the University Of Rochester INFIRMARY, multiple births have significantly more chances of difficulties than sole births. That doesn’t imply that the performer experienced any of those; the delivery itself hasn’t even been proved by her camp, let alone the facts. But there’s a chance that her recovery period may be a little longer this time around.

Since you can deduce, Beyonce is probably not going to be making an appearance at the BET Awards this year. But she still leads the pack generally in most nominations, and enthusiasts will be rooting for her to snag them all from wherever she and the family might be easily watching.

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