We’re advised Jamie was suspicious and asked Kevin where the $20k was going, but Kevin hedged.

Our options say, last week, Jamie received a letter from Kevin’s law firm, asking him if indeed they could sit down and discuss. They do indeed have a talk, and we’re advised the lawyer discussed given that 12-year-old Sean and 11-year-old Jayden have gotten older, Kevin needed more than $20k.

We’re told Jamie pressed again, requesting what the youngsters needed that they weren’t getting. We’re informed Kevin’s legal professional wouldn’t answer, but said his consumer needed the means to manage the two 2 kids at Britney’s level. Jamie terminated back … Britney’s caring for the kids just how she always did — nothing’s altered.

Our options say the legal professional repeatedly discussed Britney’s recent successes — particularly her sold-out Vegas shows — stating she was making much more money. We’re informed Jamie kept pressing back, saying Britney’s success has nothing to do with the needs of the kids, and his girl wasn’t responsible for taking care of Kevin and his other individuals.

Britney has paid Kevin a fortune in various varieties of support over time. When they divorced in 2007, she minimize him a check for $1.3 million and he received spousal support for several years and is constantly on the get child support.


We’re informed Kevin and his lawyer never known as a figure rather than gave a single example of the children’s unmet needs.

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