Everyone wants an obvious face and nowadays there are treatments that many people undertake and apply facewashes to keep their encounters clear.

In individuals, the pimples can be due to blockage of the skin pores. A infection can even be the reason of the pimples on the nose area. Experts also say that the acne can be symptoms of diseases or condition in the body. these were a few of the reason why about the causes of the pimples on the nose area.

Now we will discuss the way to get rid of these pimples in the simplest way possible

Through the use of ice

Applying glaciers on the pimple really helps to reduce the growth of a pimple. The cooling effect of the glaciers works just like a magic on the pimple. A very important factor to remember is the fact that do not apply ice directly on the nose. Alternatively keep the ice in a piece of towel and then place the material on the nostril. Ice also helps to clean the skin pores of the skin and boost the blood circulation in the nose area.

Apply Toothpaste

Toothpaste also has the capability of cooling your skin. The toothpaste can be applied at night before sleeping. The toothpaste can also be used in host to the glaciers. Toothpaste has to be applied for at least around 30 minutes. In support of non-gel established toothpaste can be utilized in this treatment.

Applying lemon

The lemon juice has natural acids in it. Making use of the lemon drink on the pimple helps to clean your skin pores and the get rid of the bacterias that cause the pimples. You could apply the lemon drink by squeezing out the drink on a organic cotton piece. One important thing to remember is, do not re-locate in the sunlight when you yourself have applied the lemon juice as it can cause soreness. Therefore, it is recommended to apply the juice during the night.


From the past times, garlic has been used as the antibacterial agent. Garlic clove has the properties to affect a pimple that is triggered by the bacterias. Garlic is also used as a blood vessels purifying agent. You can apply the garlic clove by folding it in a material and massaging on the damaged area.


Steam can be quite helpful to remove a pimple from the skin. It works as same as ice. You can heat water and put it into a container and contain the container close to your skin so that heavy steam passes through your skin. Steam really helps to cleanse the skin pores of your skin and pull out the dirt of that pores. This reduces the expansion of the pimple. We were holding some home cures to avoid the growth of the acne on your skin layer and be rid of them.


Popping the pimple

Most of the people who have problems with pimples have a habit of popping a pimple. In so doing they also then add more bacteria to their skin that can be found on their hands. Popping the pimple can be bad for your health. Researchers say that it can cause distress to the brain. It is because the area surrounding the nasal area has nerve endings straight connected to the brain. If you pop a pimple it can lead to a direct surprise to the nerves resulting in the brain.

That was all about on the way to get rid of acne on the nose.

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