Ways to get your hair normally directly? BY SAEED NASIR

Ways to get your hair normally directly? BY SAEED NASIR
Straight hair remain in fashion throughout the year. Whether you are in get together or getting a casual day, right hair make you look quite. Products for styling hair have high demand. Wild hair straightening products contain chemicals that adversely influence the fitness of nice hair. And if you think straightener is best option to really get your hair direct, Then “NO”. Heating of straightener damages your hair.
Do-it-yourself products to make hair naturally straight:-
You might have many products in your kitchen that may be helpful in making your hair by natural means straight and even at home:-

Coconut milk and lemon drink: Rub against coconut to remove dairy from it. Coconut itself has permanent hair straightening properties. But if you add lemon drink in it, greater results can be produced. Combination coconut dairy and lemon juice and refrigerate it for few hours. A creamy coating comes on the top. Apply that cream on your hair. Wrap hair with hot towel and rinse after one hour with hair shampoo. You’ll feel hair smooth and obviously straight.

Coconut essential oil and essential olive oil: Mix coconut essential oil with essential olive oil. You can replace olive oil with almond olive oil. Massage this mixture well on nice hair. Cover nice hair with a hot towel. After 45 minutes, clean hair with shampoo. You’ll receive productive results.

Milk aerosol: Milk is very useful for making your hair naturally straight. Pour some milk in spraying container and apply it on hair. Wait for around 30 minutes for your hair to absorb all the sprayed milk. Wash after half an hour and discover how nice hair get naturally straight.

Milk and honey: Make a paste with the addition of honey in milk. Add smashed strawberries or bananas in to the blend for producing greater results. It’ll take time to get dried out. After one . 5 hour, wash hair with shampoo and see the results. You should have soft and naturally straight hair.

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