Wayne Cameron brings Linda Hamilton back again to the ‘Terminator’ franchise but snubs ‘Wonder Female’ again SAEED NASIR

The original Sarah Connor, is back. Fans ‘re going crazy at director James Cameron’s announcement that Linda Hamilton, the first actor to portray the fan-favorite Connor in the “Terminator” franchise, will be time for the world of killer robots. A reveal that he championed due to Hollywood’s total lack of roles for girls action heroes older than 50. That leads us to ask, has Adam Cameron actually seen “Wonder Female?”

New “Terminator” franchise director Tim Miller (formally from “Deadpool”) and Cameron hosted a filmmaker conversation on the Paramount lot to provide an revise on everything skynet.

Based on the Hollywood Reporter– outside press had not been allowed inside the THR-hosted discussion– Cameron was especially worked up about the inclusion of Hamilton because, “You will find 50-year-old, 60-year-old fellas out there eliminating bad guys… but there is not a good example of that for girls.”

This affirmation completely disregards the much-praised performances of 51-year-old Robin Wright and 52-year-old Connie Nielsen who enjoyed warrior women Antiope and Hippolyta from this summer’s “Wonder Female.” Both people are shown leaping off horses and into fight in the very first action field of the film

Cameron’s remarks are especially odd taking into consideration the director received a lot of online flak previous month for phoning the titular figure of the favorite movie “misguided” and a “step backwards” for feminine heroes. His commentary received very much attention it prompted “Wonder Girl” director Patty Jenkins to react.

Having said that, Cameron is accurate that in the world of “The Mummy” and the “Taken” franchise there undoubtedly are a dearth of adult lead action stars portrayed by women. However, with no storyline details, the depth of Hamilton’s role in the new feature is uncertain.

What we can say for certain is the fact Arnold Schwarzenegger will be engaged (in some form) and that this new movie will observe the action of 1991’s “Terminator 2: Judgement Day.” It is also poised to provide as the first film in a new trilogy within the “Terminator” world as Cameron revealed that these were actively searching for new “18-something woman” to be the “centerpiece” to the new series.

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