Watch Luke Evans Serenade the Fanning Sisters with Impromptu a Capella Set at Sundance BY SAEED NASIR

Luke Evans confirmed off his impressive pipes with a shock a capella performance at the Sundance Film Festivity.

Following a special screening of his new TNT show The Alienist sponsored by the network and Vulture, the acting professional and his costars, Dakota Fanning and Daniel Br?hl, sat down for a particular Q&A session.

Goaded by the curator and the audience, including Fanning’s sister Elle, 19, a visibly embarrassed Evans, 38, begrudgingly serenaded the room with an a capella rendition of George Gershwin’s “Summertime.”

Evans, who proven his vocal talents in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as Gaston, sounded pitch perfect. At one point during the melody, an audience member shouted, “You’re so alluring!”

Before his impromptu performance, Evans explained that his love of singing opened the door for his operating career.

“My dad was a constructor and my mommy was a cleaner, so acting was hardly ever really talked about inside our house,” he said. “So I loved singing, and I got a singing professor once i was 16 and she received me an audition for a scholarship for a musical theatre company in London, as an event to see what an audition is similar to.”

In a delight twist, Evans ended up snagging the scholarship or grant. “So I proceeded to go from working as a email youngster in a lender to heading to full-time college or university and I assume that’s while i thought I might be able to do that as a profession.”



All three solid members spoke about how exactly much they bonded while taking pictures the new show, that was filmed in Budapest, Hungary, and explains to the story of an criminal psychologist attempting to solve a string of murders in the late 19th hundred years in NY.

“We just got on,” Evans said of working with Fanning and Br?hl. “With this job, you’re often drawn out of your safe place and incredibly often you’re fell into a part of the world you’ve never been and you’re an orphan really. And us three orphans type of found a standard ground rather quickly.”

Despite their different backgrounds and age groups, all three superstars gushed about how exactly much they savored working alongside one another. “We’re very different, like I’m Welch, she’s American, he’s German, we’re very different. There’s an age difference,” Evans explained. “But somehow we found this common earth.”

He also credited fanning for keeping them on track, noting how adult she is at just 23. “Dakota place our lives right about four or five times during the whole thing,” he joked. “I would think, ‘How many lives have you lived? It’s incredible.’ I believe you can really tell when people like each other on screen, I really do.”

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