Watch ‘Legion’ Season 1 Recap to Get Lost Before Season 2 Premiere

The next season of Legion is just weeks away from premiering on FX, but if you skipped the series when it debuted this past year, you may be a lttle bit lost if you leap right in.

That is why the network just released a whole new recap video recording for Legion Season 1 for enthusiasts who want to get swept up. Unfortunately, the video recording doesn’t really recap anything and might even mistake you even more ahead of the Season 2 premiere.

Which really is par for the course for a string like Legion. Watch the recap above, called “What’s Really Real?” to see for yourself, and don’t stress about spoilers.

For individuals who are interested and unaware, Legion is based on the X-Men comics boasting David Haller, a robust mutant and the son of Professor Xavier. The series doesn’t happen in the videos’ shared world, it appears, and the X-Men themselves don’t play a role.

Instead, the series focuses on David who appears to be a schizophrenic with untapped probable, with latent power that manifest at odd times and make him question what’s real and what isn’t.

After getting a girlfriend and learning he’s the coordinator for a robust psychic parasite that wishes to dominate his body and abilities, he eventually ends up taking back control and finding a sense of clarity, only for that to be studied away in the long run when he’s abducted with a mystical floating orb.

The above video recaps all of that, but in a way where their’s no real sense of continuity or reason. Instead, you’re put through a few of the most surreal visuals that took place in the first season without coherence. It presents a mood, a sense — not a story.

Legion seems to be one of the most mind-bending and cerebral series on Tv set today, putting forth its best effort to put the strangeness of Twin Peaks to shame.

It remains to be observed if series creator and showrunner Noah Hawley can out-weird David Lynch, if the trailers for Season 2 are any indication, he’ll definitely be doing his damndest

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