The Walking Deceased still manages to shock us every now and then by finding fresh ways of tackling zombies. by SAEED NASIR

Arriving at us from, some tips about what the producers are currently looking for:
“Contortionists (Background / Extra): Men & Females, 18-50. Must be able to flex their hands and shoulders in various unique angles. All ethnicities.”

Yes, for the second half of its 8th run, The Walking Deceased is looking for contortionists to presumably play some mangled zombies. Considering that we’re already very used to the visible of a horde of zombies shambling about on the show, it makes perfect sense to spice things up by having the walkers drag contorted limbs in it instead. If little or nothing else, the image of zombies marching along with legs and arms bent at hideous sides should lead to some great, disturbing TV that will surely delight viewers.
Alternatively, the inclusion of the new type of zombie might not simply be in order to include in a few scares but could recognise an important plot point, too. Maybe Negan creates himself a fresh military of mangled zombies to fight Rick and the rest of the combined areas who’ll wage warfare on the Saviors? By the second half of the season, things will no doubt be looking dire for Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villain, so he could be required to deploy a fresh type of harm.
One way or another, we’ll find out if the Walking Dead results to AMC because of its season 8 premiere – which is also the show’s 100th tv show – on Sunday, October 22nd.

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