‘Walking Deceased’ Celebrity Andrew Lincoln Teases ‘Unbelievable’ Finale

What does the continuing future of AMC’s The Walking Deceased look like? We’ve something of a concept. But what will tonight’s season eight finale appear to be? Well, only star Andrew Lincoln can adequately treat that question.

“I can do it in three words: W.T.F.,” Lincoln advised The Hollywood Reporter, adding that the event, “Wrath,” is “unbelievable.”

Tonight’s show will conclude the two-season All Out Battle arc between Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and his merry strap of zombie slayers and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan and his evil Saviors.

The story has been The Walking Dead’s biggest of its run because of the scale of the issue and Negan’s cult icon position among viewers of Robert Kirkman’s original comic series. But those familiar with the comic shouldn’t suppose they know what’s arriving tonight.

As Carl’s loss of life earlier this season demonstrated, The Walking Dead isn’t afraid to visit off-book.

“Among the things I really like about the storytelling in the finale is the fact that it was always heading to be a little tricky in how we tackle the battle. That was always heading to be a big decision since it’s such a large area of the comic literature,” Lennie Adam, whose persona Morgan will be hopping off of the Walking Dead and to its prequel companion series Dread The Walking Dead, told the wall plug. “We had to be very respectful of your source materials, but we also need to realize we’re revealing a very different version of the same storyline.”

Scott Gimple has overseen The Walking Dead as showrunner for four conditions now, even though the show’s evaluations have declined in three direct years, the quality has improved overall from the low fat middle years.

Pursuing “Wrath,” Gimple will transition into a new role with AMC as a kind of godfather for the complete Walking Deceased franchise as the network appears to further increase the multi-media brand.

Naturally, he didn’t give anything juicy away during his previous day face to face.

“If I said it mirrored [the comics] super closely, that would provide a lot of answers,” he told the store. “Aspects of the comics is there, and then there’s some other stuff within plus some big left side turns to the comics.”

“It’s totally the same, and no it’s not at yet and it’s very different,” Gimple added. “It closes down every character’s history pretty much in a few tragic ways and in some miserable ways, and even some hopeful ways to a diploma. There’s closure, in every iteration of what that means, in the finale.”

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