The Voice’s Final Four Look forward to the growing season 13 Finale BY SAEED NASIR

The Voice’s last four — Chloe Kohanski, Addison Agen, Brooke Simpson and Red Marlow — are one step closer to finding out who will be crowned the winner of season 13.

But prior to the results are released on Tuesday, during the star-studded finale, the finalists will need the stage to perform with the idols.

After the live show on Mon, the contestants viewed back on their journey throughout the competition and uncovered how they’re gearing up for the big night.

Chloe Kohanski — Team Blake

It’s no surprise that the Voice’s citizen queen of ’80s and ’90s rock and roll songs remained true to her sound during her final performances on the show.

Kohanski got the stage on Mon with her mentor, Blake Shelton, for a great duet of Roy Orbinson’s “YOU HAVE It” and a single rendition of Kim Carnes’ 1981 strike “Bette Davis Sight.”

She performed a genuine tune, “Wish I Didn’t Love You” (compiled by Audra Mae Butts, Mike Daly and Jonas Jeberg), which sounded such as a modern version of an ’80s ability ballad.

But before she auditioned for the show, Kohanski said she was near quitting on music.

“I wasn’t making any money, [and] I got just playing to the same 20, 30 people in a little pub every weekend,” she said. “I was like, ‘Is anyone heading to see me or hear me?’ So I used for The Tone of voice.”

Now, Kohanski gets the chance to perform one of her songs “White Wedding” — which she said is on the playlist she listens to each morning while getting ready — with the renowned rocker Billy Idol himself.

“He was just so genuine,” Kohanski said of reaching Idol in rehearsals. “It was kind of hard for me to want to listen to myself sing because I simply wanted to pay attention to him sing the complete song. It was incredible. I got eventually to simply tell him how much his voice has impacted me as a musician — someone with such grit and such rasp. He does not have a lot of control in the simplest way.”

No matter the outcome on Wednesday, Kohanski said she’ll always credit The Tone for providing her a system.

“I wasn’t even really permitted to wish this big before because I didn’t have the money or the team,” she said.

Addison Agen — Team Adam

This soulful singer-songwriter may only be 16-years-old, but she’s already made strides in getting folk music back into the spotlight.

During Monday’s show, Agen sang Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind,” and she struck the group and the instructors when she acquired emotional towards the finish of her performance.

“How will you not cry performing that melody?” Agen described. “The lines that really got me are, ‘When the dreams you’re fantasizing come true’ as I’m located in the middle of a stage with my dreams around me. I’m really amazed I managed to get that far without crying.”

She also performed Glen Hansard and Market Irglov?’s “Falling Slowly and gradually” with her instructor, Adam Levine and an original song, “Tennessee Rainfall” compiled by Angelo Petraglia and Larry Gottlieb, that was a perfect fit on her behalf voice.

Agen said she has identified how much she’s cultivated since her very first Blind audition.

“I got like, ‘Wow. Your range is so small,'” she said. “It is continuing to grow very much, and I’ve grown as a person more than anything and then as an designer.”

Now, she’s getting ready to perform with Norah Jones in the finale.

“She’s such a sweetheart,” Agen said. “It’s so funny because she isn’t really a fan of surveillance cameras and I was like, ‘So why does you come here?’ She was like, ‘Because of you! Your voice is so amazing.’

Brooke Simpson — Team Miley

Simpson is the to begin her trainer Miley Cyrus’ contestants to ever before make it to the finale, and it’s really deserved and needed after she’s impressed viewers week on week with her vocal chops.

On Monday, Simpson gave a robust performance of the traditional Xmas carol “O Holy Evening” that was reminiscent of her breakthrough performance of “Amazing Grace” on the Dec. 3 show. She then turned gears to execute “Wrecking Ball” with her mentor.

“Me and Miley, we are the aspiration team,” Simpson said. “We realize how to collaborate with each other. Tonight it was funny. I was pumped because I’m going to sing one of my university anthems and she comes over to me like, ‘I don’t know why but I’m a little nervous.’ I’m like, ‘Don’t be stressed!’ I simply start affirming her and she’s like, ‘Hang on, when did you feel the trainer?'”

She performed an original song, “WHAT’S Beautiful” (compiled by Chelsea Lena Silon, Robert John Richardson and Bianca Atterberry), which spoke to her background as a full-blooded Local American.

Simpson can’t hang on to perform with Sia through the finale and said she was shocked to meet up with the female behind the level persona.

“She’s such a special person, I wasn’t sure easily would be able to see her face,” Simpson joked. “She actually walks along with her robe on and her hair pulled back again, and she’s just an incredible person.”

Red Marlow — Team Blake

This country crooner trapped to his traditional sound and church influences for his final performances.

He performed Bob Dylan’s “TO CAUSE YOU TO Feel My Love” and teamed up with Shelton for a performance of Brad Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Neglect Her.”

Marlow said he’s not bothered that Shelton has another contestant, Kohanski, in the jogging for the name of The Tone since he already feels as though he won.

“I think Blake definitely is aware of me,” Marlow said. “I’m 40 years old. He must motivate Chloe as hard as he can. Chloe is very young and she can be considered a superstar. There will vary ways Blake can help me. It isn’t i don’t want to get because I’d want to win, but I want to see the best person succeed. Personally i think like being as young as they are, they have got such a huge future ahead of them.”

He added: I’ll be in the same way happy for any one of those girls to earn, in fact, I’m going to be happier because I understand how it will change their lives. I’m already a winner at this point. I’m just blessed and so happy to be here.

Marlow also debuted his original track, “I Pray” (co-written by Larry McCoy) on the show, and it is excited for supporters to see his performance with Vince Gill during the finale.

The Season 13 winner with the Voice will be declared Tuesday during a two-hour live finale at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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