Verna Banned Few Days Before Release BY SAEED NASIR

Verna is the upcoming movie starring Mahira Khan, Haroon Shahid and Zarrar Khan in lead roles. This is the return movie of ace-director Shoaib Mansoor after his previous hit Bol. The film is dependant on the problem o rape and communal stigma and stresses attached to it. The cast has been promoting the film in full swing action for a few days now. However the bad information is Verna has been banned by the censor panel. Regarding to CFBC, Islamabad the film has shown raw abuse and it is indecent to be shown to the masses. Matching to Hum Videos, the director Shoaib Mansoor has truly gone into an appeal for the immediate overview of his film. The film will now be examined by way of a full-board and they’ll decide the destiny of Verna.

Verna Banned Few Days Before Release
Meanwhile, the lead actor Haroon Shahid has published a unique reaction on his twitter. Mahira also spoken to Dunya News and has indicated shock upon this decision. Let’s see what censor plank decides about Verna. Watch this space to stay updated.

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