Tyra Banks Tells 2 Chainz She’s Solo & Needs Another String While Eating Hot Wings


Tyra Banks might need to have a word with Kesha Ward.
Tyra Banking institutions is no more just a supermodel. The 44-year-old is now an author, business mogul, Tv set coordinator and even educates proper branding skills at Standford business school. All this and more is brought up during her recent visit to Complex’s Hot Ones, however the most standout instant of her interview (with her mother becoming a member of her) is where she tells 2 Chainz to provide her a call because she’s one.

Web host Sean Evans brings up some popular rap verses that Tyra’s been described in and revels to her for the first time that Lauryn Hill mentioned her in her keep track of “Keep It Tight.”

“Oh my god, hang on, Lauryn Hill put me in a rhyme and I have no idea this? That is sacrilegious which i don’t know this,” she says. 2 Chainz’s “Bentley Pickup truck” lyrics appear where he raps, “Shawdy thick, small waistline/ Extra fat ass, gon’ shake/ Money extra tall, Tyra Finance institutions/ We everything y’all ain’t”

“Oh so he’s stating that I acquired level, ” she says in the video recording below, after requesting if he really does “wear two stores.

“And isn’t he tall…and he has money…and I’m single. I got on one chain and I need another one if you know very well what I’m saying,” she offers. Miss Lenders then looks at the camera and urges Tity Boi going to her up.

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