For years, admirers have been booing Roman Reigns out of the building, and it was always expected that WWE would eventually transform him heel, but it never happened — or achieved it? This past week on Monday Night Organic, Reigns and John Cena possessed an awesome connection in advance of signing the contract because of their match at No Mercy. Some feel that going up against Cena would cement his heel flip, but Triple H has uncovered that it already occurred.

As recapped by the official website of WWE, the deal was authorized by both men, and they’ll face off at No Mercy later this month. Many lovers pondered if the magnificent promo noticed them go off script as they berated each other and beat the other person down, but it was all area of the angle.

Cena actually experienced the entire public cheering for him and almost all of the admirers booing Roman Reigns, which appeared to result in his full-on heel move. It even seemed as though WWE was finally moving in that course with things that Reigns was saying, but it appears as if they already made their choice, and the switch has been completed.

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Triple H was a recent guest on ESPN, and he discussed a number of subject areas, but Roman Reigns was one of the larger discussions. As reported by Sportskeeda, Triple H gave a fairly interesting look at the notion of turning Reigns heel, and he believes that lots of feel as if he’s already vanished that route.

“When people say, ‘they should just convert Roman,’ why? For the people that hate him, he’s already turned. And then for the individuals who love him, they don’t want him to carefully turn.”
That makes sense when you look at how the crowds have obtained him going back three years since The Shield split up. Fans took to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins while also allowing the second option to become a heel now and then, but their places are evidently attracted and identifiable.

Roman Reigns and John Cena are two of these superstars who’ve always had the crowds split on whether they are cherished or hated. Really the only issue is the fact Roman has dropped more privately where he’s hated by much more people than those who value and cheer for him.

wwe news john cena roman reigns heel triple h feud no mercy turn

If there is any doubt as to who’s the heel and who’s the face because of this future match at No Mercy, this week’s episode of Natural cleared that up.

While Roman Reigns has been on the fine type of being truly a babyface or a heel for a long period, it seemed as though his feud with John Cena was designed to push him in one way. Their match at No Mercy already gets the fans attracted with Cena as the face and Reigns as the heel, but WWE actually made their decision quite a while previously. Triple H says that Reigns has made his heel change, and they hold the direction they’re moving in with the previous member of The Shield.

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