How To Treatment Common Skin area Problems After Pregnancy BY SAEED NASIR

But also for many, being pregnant ravages their pores and skin and body, making some major noticeable changes in the skin.
Finally, your valuable little one is in your biceps and triceps, and you are of the many pregnancy-related hassles and discomforts. This may leave some women feeling less attractive and sometimes even hopeless. Fortunately, there are extensive solutions to get you back to looking like a better you. Read on to learn the most-effective ways to improve your skin layer after pregnancy.

Problem #1: Pigmentation

Problem #1: Pigmentation

You may have recognized dark areas on your face, tummy, underarms or groin throughout your being pregnant, and assumed that it will vanish once you’ve your baby. Unfortunately, from 30-50 per cent of women will still be jammed with this pregnancy-induced problem called melasma. Caused by hormonal changes that produce your skin more delicate to sunlight, melasma is an especially upsetting condition because it tends to affect the face in patches.

What is it possible to do?

For this problem, you can test natural masks that incorporate yoghurt or buttermilk with lemon or oranges. These will provide you with a small ratio of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) for a mild exfoliation. Fresh aloe vera applied in the mornings and evenings can also help balance out the patches, if used regularly.

Other treatments

How to Make Skin Pores Smaller?

Steps to make Skin Pores Smaller?Apart from the natural remedies, you can check with a dermatologist for faster results. Some treatments are:

Metabolic peeling: This which exfoliates the topmost, dull-looking and dead layer of your skin, uncovering a fresher and brighter look.
Diamond polishing: On this, diamond crystals are used to gently remove the dead dust from the skin, making you basically 3-4 tones lighter in one sitting.
Laser remedy: This essentially a focused light, which specifically targets the afflicted area.


Stretch Marks for women

STRETCHMARKS for womenAround 90 per cent of women have problems with stretch marks at some point in their lives and being pregnant being one of the most common time periods at these times. These unsightly, reddish-purple grades turn whitish as time passes and are brought on by the poor elasticity of your skin when skin is stretched on weight gain. These can be most visible on top of the biceps and triceps, thighs and the stomach area.

What is it possible to do?

Pregnancy skin

Motherhood skinTo heal stretchmarks, apply cocoa butter ointments as your daily moisturiser. Getting massages will also help improve the elasticity of the skin.

Other treatments

With the arrival of new technology, there are many treatments that can now help eradicate your stretchmarks. Following are some of them:

Microdermabrasion: If done deep enough, can really help reduce the size and colour of these pesky stretch marks. It could be a bit unpleasant and time-consuming though and requires a minimum of 15-20 sittings for full results.
Pixel perfect: This treatment runs on the laser to hit deep under your skin, forcing new collagen and pores and skin synthesis.
Medication: These can help and then some degree. Skin medications with retinoids or vitamin A derivatives combined with creams containing at least 10 per cent AHA, like lactic acid solution or glycolic acidity, help if the markings are dark in colour.

Problem #3: Acne

Acne skin

Acne skinAcne is a common problem faced by a lot of women both during and after pregnancy. With fluctuating hormones and lots of stress, acne are almost unavoidable. Fortunately, this matter can be easily workable.

What is it possible to do?

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oilTea tree essential oil can be very helpful in lowering the petrol secretion and the bacterial fill on the skin, which can be major known reasons for acne. However, this will have hardly any effect on severe acne or post-acne marks. You can even look for willow bark extract (available in Ayurveda or natural product stores), which contains the active salicylic acidity. Although not as strong as pure salicylic acidity, willow bark extract can succeed in helping lowering oil secretion also to unclog pores.

Other treatments

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Acne can be cared for by medications, nevertheless they have to be prescribed by accredited skin specialists. They will recommend you with treatments based on your skin layer type and needs, as below:

Creams: They typically take 3-6 a few months to show full results. So, fortitude is required!
Acne peels: To rate the procedure, you can also consider getting acne peels done, which will penetrate deeper into the affected areas to treat pimples while positively treating them. The only real side effect can be a little redness plus some skin area dryness, both of which are easily supervised.
LED remedy or ClearYou remedy: These uses targeted LED light to selectively eliminate acne-causing bacteria while leaving the rest of your skin layer healthy and unchanged.

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