Tomb Raider poster mocked for awful Alicia Vikander photoshop BY SAEED NASIR

It’s no technique that film posters are generally enhanced with a lick of a Photoshop airbrush, but once in a while a bit of marketing emerges that advises none of them of the people involved with its creation or sign-off have ever before seen a people.

Such is the truth with the latest poster for Warner Bros’ remake of Tomb Raider, where Swedish celebrity Alicia Vikander plays the exciting heroine Lara Croft.

Much of the poster is in-keeping with the trappings of female-led action movies: Vikander has been shot at an awkward angle from behind, she’s in a barren panorama and is clutching a gnarly looking weapon, which, really is endless, wasn’t the reason for the cut on her face.
But, beguilingly, Vikander appears to have the longest, most-flexible individual neck on earth.

As evidenced by her appearance in other movies and on the red carpet, the 28-year-old actress actually possesses a neck of the guitar of average duration and overall flexibility:

Alicia Vikander at Toronto Film Festival
Alicia Vikander at Toronto Film Happening CREDIT: WALTER MCBRIDE
Here’s Vikander’s neck in 2016’s intimate costume drama The Light Between Oceans:

Alicia Vikander 
Here is Vikander’s neck in the Tomb Raider poster:

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