‘Titanic’ is coming to theatres for its 20th anniversary! BY SAEED NASIR


Acclaimed film Titanic will be reaching the theatres once more to observe its 20th wedding anniversary.
The film’s public Twitter account submitted a video tutorial of director Wayne Cameron promoting the news headlines, stating that it “was like discovering it for the first time,” discussing the actual fact that the re-release will be in Dolby Vision only at AMC Theatres.

Titanic’s return to theatres gives the lovers the opportunity to relive all their favourite recollections from the present day classic. However, the film will only run for a week before sailing away once more. Fortunately, that will still give followers plenty of time to relive the camaraderie and romance between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet over time and debate the film’s last scene regarding Rose and Jack.
The tragic romance is likely to hit the theatres once more on Dec 1, 2017

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