Tina Fey & Rachel Dratch Crash The Super Dish ‘SNL’ Sketch & Tweets Was Here For It BY SAEED NASIR


I was pretty ecstatic when I found that Natalie Portman was going to be hosting Sunday Night time Live, but I got extremely jazzed when I noticed that the inimitable Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch crashed the Super Bowl SNL sketch and Twitter was here for it. Sometimes, you merely need to generate a ringer. (Or two). And it was definitely one of my favorite sketches of the night, and I don’t even watch football.

The sketch opened during the American Revolutionary Conflict, in which the founding fathers are conversing about how New England triumphed in another fight, which is technically a very important thing, but they’re just so obnoxious when they gain. Enter a troupe of Bostoners (and one person from Connecticut), who come into the room celebrating with mugs of ale and noisy catchphrases, led by the one and only Rachel Dratch. I had fashioned hardly had time to register my excitement when the group from Philadelphia showed up, led by Tina Fey. Seriously, no person will folksy impressions like Tina Fey. Can these two just come back to the show full time please? I would watch them claim over nothing for hours upon hours on end. Especially if they’re doing specific local accents.


The founding fathers are standing around discussing about how New Great britain has just acquired a great battle and sighing seriously. “Is this bad news?” Pete Davidson asks Beck Bennett, who responds, “We now have to listen to the boasting from the brand new England Patriots.” Wow those Colonial Patriots sure seem to be nearly the same as the followers of the New England Patriots football team. When congratulated on the many victories, Dratch responds in a perfect Boston drawl, “Try five, employer.” That’s just how many times the Patriots have received the Super Bowl. Their braggadocio even included a shout out for “Thomas Brady.”

Since the Patriots are facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, the next accessibility in to the room makes sense. Representing Philadelphia was the main one, the only, Tina Fey, who was simply greeted with a huge circular of applause when she entered the room. “Yeah how yous doing? we crossed many waters up the Scoogle River to provide all yous a message: Philly is mad strong. From the tiny babies to all or any our mommoms and poppops we’s ready to fight!” It had been at about this point that Pete Davidson got to hold his piece of prop paper over his face to avoid breaking character. “Give us a call the eagles cuz we’s prepared to journey!” said Fey, except she pronounced eagles like “iggles.” I am deeply in love with this.

The two groups then travelled in on one another, with Fey contacting out New England’s treasured Brady. “He’s old, he’s like 40. That’s like four years past life span.” She went on to say, “Boston’s not a genuine city. It’s a college or university town with a fishing pier.”

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