‘The Tone’ live shows: Which 3 musicians and artists on Team Blake Shelton will progress to the Top 12? [WATCH]

Which musician will gain “The Tone of voice” Season 14? Can it be someone from Team Blake Shelton, who’s longing for an unprecedented 7th coaching championship? That is the question we debate in our exciting new video (watch above) in advance of next week’s live playoffs starting on Monday. Controlling editor Chris Beachum hosts a slugfest between contributing authors John Benutty and Denton Davidson.

The Emmy-winning NBC certainty TV show now gets the Top 24 musicians and artists ready to compete for the championship. Each of this season’s instructors — Blake, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys and Adam Levine — have narrowed down their teams to six performers apiece. An impressive 12 performers will be eradicated by the finish of next Wednesday’s show (three from each team).

For the training video above, our talk and debate about Team Blake starts at the 18:15 draw for the 30-minute talk:

Blake has participated as a mentor for many 14 periods of “The Tone of voice,” earning six titles up to now including Season 13 champ Chloe Kohanski. Presently, Team Blake is the most diverse in your competition, which is unusual for the instructor who typically has a slew of country singers. Currently on his team of six, Blake has just one single country musician in Spensha Baker. Additionally, there is rockers Pryor Baird and WILKES, gospel vocalist Gary Edwards, young crooner Austin Giorgio and soul vocalist Kyla Jade.

John boldly predicts that although Austin lost his knockout round to Spensha (Blake then preserved him), the throwback pop singer will establish charismatic enough to win over visitors at home and be voted in to the Top 12. Denton’s long shot prediction is that Blake use his last save showing loyalty to Kyla, advancing the big-voiced diva who needed the opportunity in choosing him as her mentor.

Required to choose which two music artists will be voted through on Team Blake, John’s prediction is the fact Spensha is for certain making it and then Austin will probably draw in enough votes to squeak by. Between the other four remaining standing up, John says Blake will likely play it safe by choosing Pryor for the final slot, but admits WILKES could occupy the same space.

Denton believes some other path could lead to the same results. He is adamant that “Pryor is the kind of singer that always gets voted through. I think it’ll be Pryor and Spensha or Pryor and Kyla. Then either Spensha or Kyla will be saved. But if it were up if you ask me I’d opt for Austin.”

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