The Crazy Trend Of Dip Powder Nails

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Dip powder toenails will be the latest manicure tendency and they are all over the social media. In the world of pretty nails, they will be the new thing.

If you haven’t found out about the crazy trend of dip powder fingernails or toenails then you must be residing in a cave! Dip natural powder manicure is completely different from gel and acrylic manicure. This manicure is for each and every girl who loves to decorate her claws which is always on the lookout for something durable. If you wish to know more about this latest fashion tendency, continue reading!

What are drop powder nails?

Blue dip powder nails

Putting on different toenail paints is something that people all have been doing since ages. Just sweep the nails with the colourful liquid and you are done. The drop powder works in another way. As the name advises, it comes in natural powder form. These colourful pigments are put on the fingernails by using a special clean or you can merely dip your finger in the container. Unlike your regular nail paint, dip powder does not chip as it is not dried up liquid. Because the grains are very fine, they give you more vibrant coloring.

How exactly does it work?

red dip powder nails

Getting dip natural powder fingernails is not rocket knowledge. You can get them done by a professional or do it yourself at home. You will need three things for it, which is a base coat, a dip powder of your choice and a sealant. Once you’ve these, follow these easy steps:

Clean your fingernails before starting a brand new manicure. Ensure that your hands are dried.
Apply the bottom overcoat on the toenails and before it pieces, drop your finger in the drop powder. Shake off the excess powder and replicate the same process twice.
If you need a deeper colour, you can replicate step two 2 as much times as you want.
Let the manicure dried up and then wash the hands with water. Don’t use anything else other than plain water at this stage. Using this method, you will be able to get rid of any excess natural powder on your claws.
When you are done with everything, seal the offer with a sealant and let it dry.

How is it not the same as other manicures?

Acrylic and gel nails

Dip powder toenails are gorgeous to check out and they come in a variety of colours. They are incredibly different from their contemporaries, Acrylic and gel fingernails. Not merely in conditions of appearance, however in terms of durability and safety, dip powder toenails are better. Many nail experts swear by this new approach. Let us provide you with some more reasons to try this crazy development:

A regular manicure begins chipping in a few days and this resulted in the invention of gel claws. For a very long time, gel nails preserved their position as the most long lasting manicure, but now they are replaced by dip powder fingernails or toenails as they assert to last 3 weeks much longer than the gel fingernails or toenails.
While even the essential manicure requires a very long time to dry, drop powder nails dried out instantly.
You don’t have to put the hands under the dangerous Ultra violet rays to dried up them up.
You can certainly do a great deal of cost cutting with dip powder. You don’t desire a professional to get them done which is impossible with gel or acrylic nails.
One of the biggest advantages of drop powder nails is that they are odourless! Yes, you won’t have to face the pungent smell of chemicals, while gaining your dip natural powder.

The other side of the coin

Dip powder nails
Dip powder fingernails or toenails are ruling the globe right now and they deserve the place that they have acquired, but they too are made of chemicals. Though they have a great advantage over other types of manicures, they come with a few backdrops as well. They feel a little heavy on the nails and really should be kept far from the reach of kids. The chemicals within them can cause damage to the bronchi if inhaled. They could be easy to apply, but it takes a while to eliminate them.

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