#ThanksMom: Priyanka Chopra would like her ‘bosslady’ mum Madhu Chopra this Mother’s Day

Priyanka Chopra with her mommy Madhu Chopra Priyanka Chopra with her mom Madhu Chopra |Photography Credit: Instagram Priyanka Chopra can’t hold out to see her mother Madhu Chopra talk about her child years and upbringing. Claiming that her mom is her best ally, Priyanka retweeted Focus TV’s special show Thanks a lot Mom sharing with us that her employer lady of any mother prefers to stay behind-the-scenes. The 35-year-old has taken over the film industry both in India and Hollywood such as a bomb. There is nothing at all that the actress can’t do. From her first job, she became a movie star in one go by receiving the Miss World name. She then landed in movies and proceeded to go into a singing job.Now going between continents has turned into a common occurrence for the Quantico star. Priyanka never fails to be an creativity and claims to have done everything that with her best ally. Her mum.

Priyanka brought up her mommy who loves to be backstage and now we can’t hang on to hear the special lady in PeeCee’s life. In the special show, Madhu mentions that never let us Priyanka ignore her root base. She said, “Remember your root base wherever you go. You are an Indian you have Indian prices, you have middle-class upbringing, middle-class values, never be ashamed of this. You have sturdy values.”

Mother’s Day: This is what Priyanka Chopra’s mom Madhu Chopra’s advise is for her star daughterPriyanka’s mom also revealed many factual statements about her daughter that people would like to see and know what values gone into setting up PeeCee that she is today. Happy Mother’s Day!

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