Tale About Gwen Stefani Getting “Emotional” Over Blake Shelton’s Birthday Present Is Made-Up BY SAEED NASIR


A new report proclaiming Gwen Stefani got “emotional” after she received a pricey diamonds necklace from Blake Shelton on her behalf birthday is totally made-up. In fact, there is no evidence Shelton even provided Stefani the costly piece of jewelry. Gossip Cop surely got to the bottom of this fabrication.

Regarding to HollywoodLife, which is often trapped peddling fake media stories about the couple, Stefani “fought again the tears” when Shelton allegedly gifted her with a $60,000 precious stone necklace. A so-called “source” is quoted showing the web site in unnaturally descriptive terminology, “Gwen was shocked by Blake today with an amazing antique Cartier 12.50 carat gemstone collar necklace set in 18k white gold. Gwen was floored when she received the sugary, generous birthday gift idea.” The outlet’s most assuredly imitation “insider” continues on to purport, “She fought back the tears as she exposed the pack,” adding, “Gwen can’t wait for the next special occasion with Blake to wear the stunning new rings.”

So, where do Shelton give Stefani the intended necklace? HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, doesn’t know or mention it. Where performed Shelton buy the alleged $60,000 vintage Cartier necklace? The site doesn’t know or discuss it. Yet in some way visitors are asked to believe that the website has a “source” who witnessed this intensely private and loving moment and managed to get everything about the “12.50 carat diamond necklace occur 18k white yellow metal”? Show of hands if you think the outlet is laying? Exactly.

As Gossip Cop has noted, Hollywood has posted a slew of false news reviews about Stefani and Shelton before. For instance, we busted the untrustworthy site a few months ago when it falsely said Shelton and Stefani experienced split up. We also lately called out the wall socket for a absurd article that alleged Stefani is “acting” pregnant. Both those studies and many others have been proven to be built.

The most recent article about Shelton supposedly having Stefani to “tears” with a $60,000 birthday gift idea is evenly untrue. Regardless of its archive of falsehoods, Gossip Cop still looked into the lay claim, and a source near to Stefani says us the article is totally “made-up.” It’s true Stefani celebrated her 48th birthday on Wednesday, but we’re promised the others of HollywoodLies’ cases about the necklace and her a reaction to it are entirely fabricated.

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