Story About How Selena Gomez Is “Supportive” Of Justin Bieber’s “Healthy Lifestyle” Is Made-Up BY SAEED NASIR

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A new story about how precisely Selena Gomez is the “driving force” behind Justin Bieber‘s “healthy lifestyle” is totally made-up. Gossip Cop can expose this imitation news, which was posted with a repeat offender.

Corresponding to HollywoodLife, which is regularly caught peddling fake reports reviews about the lately reunited couple, Bieber adores how “supportive” Gomez has been of his healthier lifestyle. In the bogus tale, a so-called “source” instructs the wall socket, “He enjoys that she turns up to his hockey video games and she inspires him whenever she is around. Selena brings about the best in Justin and he loves how secure she makes him feel.”

Further purports the website’s most assuredly fake insider, “Justin has been hearing Selena after work everyday as she shares about her obstacles and the progress of her day. Because of healthy communication, these are stronger than ever before.”

But, as Gossip Cop has recently pointed out, no-one remotely near to either celebrity is nourishing the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies with personal information about their romance. And coming from the same website that Bieber himself referred to as “hurtful” and “untruthful,” we’re rarely stunned by the outlet’s hottest fabrication. Bear in mind, Gossip Cop corrected the webloid when it pretended to know what Gomez “enjoys most” about Bieber. We even called out the website for posting a written report about how exactly Gomez is “happier” with Bieber than she ever was using the Weeknd.

Once again, and far like its slew of other articles written about Bieber and Gomez, HollywoodLife doesn’t offer any insider information to support its latest tale. In fact, the complete story, which claims the singer-actress is the “driving drive” behind Bieber’s “healthy lifestyle,” was apparently come up with after paparazzi photographs of Gomez assisting Bieber at a hockey game in LA were released. As Gossip Cop mentioned above, nobody from Bieber and Gomez’s trusted inner circle is talking to the web site that Gomez once called “the most severe.”

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