how to Spot a fake Rolex via SAEED NASIR

most of us possibly realize that if you’re paying 50 dollars for it, or shopping for it from a guy in a trench coat on sixth street, a Rolex is probably a fake. however with so many counterfeit watches accessible, on occasion you need a touch extra info to move on. thankfully Ben Clymer, founding father of the popular online wristwatch mag Hodinkee, has teamed up with complex news to create a video with 3 foolproof recommendations to help determine out if a Rollie isn’t at the up-and-up.
the first element to recognize is that a real Rolex can have a smoothly sweeping 2nd hand. If it’s ticking, then the watch is counterfeit.
the second one is the date window. On a actual Rolex, the date window may have a lens with a 3-four instances magnification, at the same time as a fake one may have 0.

And sooner or later, there may be the hallmark stamp. in keeping with Clymer, any gold watch that has been imported to the U.S. has an import hallmark that’s stamped on either the inner of the case or the wristband (or both). with out hallmarks, the watch possibly isn’t actual gold, i.e. it’s faux.

simple sufficient, proper?

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