sport of Thrones season 7 was illegally downloaded 1 billion times by SAEED NASIR

The recently concluded seventh season of sport of Thrones changed into illegally downloaded and streamed 1 billion times, a new file says.

even as the viewership for sport of Thrones carried out unparalleled heights within the these days concluded season seven – the finale scored a report-breaking 12 million stay US visitors – the range of people who watched the display illegally increases the stakes dramatically.

according to a record from anti-piracy company MUSO, the numbers are “extraordinary” and “wonderful”. The season most useful become downloaded ninety million time in the first 72 hours, and the finale was downloaded one hundred twenty million times within the identical time period.

“Of the 1.03 billion general piracy times for the season eighty four.sixty six% had been streams, nine.12% were torrents, and 5.59% were downloads,” stated a Vareity record.

“sport of Thrones has end up certainly one of the largest international leisure phenomena of nowadays and interest across piracy networks has been absolutely exceptional,” said Andy Chatterley, co-founder and CEO of MUSO, consistent with variety. “It’s no secret that HBO has been plagued by protection breaches for the duration of the ultra-modern season, which has seen some episodes leak before broadcast and delivered to unlicensed activity. similarly to the size of piracy on the subject of famous indicates, these numbers show that unlicensed streaming can be a miles greater giant kind of piracy than torrent downloads. At MUSO, we take a look at all forms of piracy, now not just torrents, and this is why these numbers have been illuminated.”

right here’s a breakdown of ways normally each episode turned into downloaded:

Episode one: 187,427,575
Episode : 123,901,209
Episode three: 116,027,851
Episode four: 121,719,868
Episode 5: 151,569,560
Episode six: 184,913,279
Episode seven: 143,393,804
All-episode bundles: 834,522

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