Shawn Mendes donates $100k to Mexican earthquake relief BY SAEED NASIR

Shawn Mendes has started a web based fundraising campaign to help alleviation efforts pursuing Tuesday’s earthquake in Mexico.

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Shawn Mendes has launched a web based fundraiser to help those affected by the Mexican earthquake just days after he escaped carefully from the quake before a planned show in Mexico City, an event he called “pretty scary.”

The Canadian singer-songwriter and his administrator, Andrew Gertler, have got things started out with a $100,000 US donation to the fundraiser on GoFundMe’s Crowdrise program. The money will go “right to disaster relief in Mexico” via American Red Cross.

Confronted with multiple natural disasters, charities broaden their appeals
In an email for the Associated Press, Mendes said he was in his hotel getting ready for his show the next day when the quake struck.

“The whole building was shaking very severely, but we were lucky to be somewhere that was structurally sensible enough to endure it,” he wrote.

People flee homes and hotels as earthquake aftershocks strike Mexico
“At first I didn’t know very well what was taking place, and then quite quickly, after about 30 a few moments, I clued for the reason that it was an earthquake. Soon after that we observed sirens and the crisis evacuation announcements from the hotel, and were able to make it right down to the street safely and securely.”

“There were just so many people from the streets seeking to stay safe and that were evacuated from complexes, and as we were walking saw quite a few buildings that had collapsed facades, windows shattering on the roadways,” he had written.

The quake has reduced structures to rubble in Mexico and left hundreds dead. Mendes said he sends his prayers to everyone affected and would love to give back when he can.

“I wish to come back as soon as possible. It is an unbelievable city and the people there are so strong and resilient,” he said.

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