The Shape of Normal water Sally Hawkins walking out of her apartment above the theater BY SAEED NASIR


Synopsis: Eliza (Sally Hawkins) is a mute cleaning sweetheart for a federal government facility, with a pretty average daily life. All that changes once she comes for a specimen taken to her laboratory (Doug Jones). With the help of her friends (Richard Jenkins and Octavia Spencer), she’ll try to give this creature his liberty. Although it seems that there are pushes with unknown (Michael Stuhlbarg) or opposing agendas (Michael Shannon) in mind.

COULD IT BE Still In Theaters: Yes. THE FORM of Water’s extensive release started at the end of Dec, so there should be adequate theaters still running the film.


Possible Streaming Options: Mysterious, as the film happens to be in its theatrical home window, though most digital retailers are already supplying a pre-order to own.

Darkest Hour Gary Oldman Winston Churchill smoking in front of a map


Darkest Hour Gary Oldman Winston Churchill smoking in front of a map

Darkest Hour
Synopsis: After his abrupt, unexpected rise to the positioning of Prime Minister, Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) detects himself inheriting the post at one of the bleakest periods in British record. Using the Nazi conflict machine gaining vapor, and the evacuation of Dunkirk staring him in the face, Churchill must persuade his detractors that he is able to get the job done, while finding ways to provide the morale raise that the nation could use.

Is It Still In Theaters: Some theaters are still displaying Darkest Hour, so you need to check your local listings.


Possible Loading Options: No specific release night out has been given for Darkest Hour’s streaming options, but it’s presumed that early on February would be the timeframe. Most digital suppliers are already offering a pre-order to possess.

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