Selena Gomez produces video for surreal ‘Fetish’ (VIDEO) BY SAEED NASIR

The video tutorial for Fetish opens with the singer walking down a sunny suburban road with a shopping carrier in hand, as a smoking car rests privately of the street.



She enters a residence where she proceeds to throw the carriers against a wall membrane, then tears off stockings, pinches her tongue with an eyelash curler and rests down at the dining room table as rainfall streams down. ??

As Gucci Mane enters the framework, Gomez enters what is apparently a large refrigerator room, then later smashes lipstick into her pearly whites.

Released previously this month, the keep track of features Gucci Mane and employs on from the previously released one Bad Liar and its accompanying video. ??Both tracks are usually destined for the follow-up to her 2015 album Revival, although Gomez has yet to declare it. — AFP-Relaxnew

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