On-Screen Couples That Became Our Favorite BY SAEED NASIR

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When we follow our favorite dilemma or movie, we show up in love with its individuals. Sometimes, a few share such an amazing chemistry on-screen that they become our favorite!


On-Screen Couples That Became Our Favorite
Fawad Khan And Mahira Khan – Hamsafar



Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan provided everyone couple goals when the two made an appearance in Hamsafar. in all honesty, no on-screen few available us feel just like the way both of these actors do. Their on-screen chemistry was on for! We observed them in various commercials and promoting different brands on ramps along following the show became an enormous reach with the viewers. We can’t wait around to see them on-screen mutually again.



Feroze Khan And Sana Javed- Khaani



Feroze and Sana show an amazing eye-catching chemistry in Khaani which can not be unseen!

On-Screen Lovers That Became WELL KNOWN
Ahad Raza Mir And Sajal Aly- Yakeen Ka Safar



Ahad and Sajal became the most well-known handful of 2017. Luckily for us, we’ll be witnessing more of these together within an upcoming crisis “Aangan”.

Bilal Abbas Khan And Iqra Aziz- Qurban


Bilal and Iqra have surfaced out as one of the hit on-screen couples, starring in “Qurban”.

Humayun Saeed And Mehwish Hayat- Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Humayun and Mehwish are one of the very most loved on-screen couples. They were seen alongside one another could in “Punjab Nahi Jaungi” and their couple was extremely loved in “Dil Lagi” as well.

Shehzad Sheikh And Iqra Aziz- Choti Si Zindagi

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Shehzad and Iqra were extremely adored in “Choti si Zindagi” and is now able to be observed in “Qurban”.

Mikaal Zulfiqar And Kubra Khan- Sang E Mar Mar


Mikaal and Kubra have a breath-taking chemistry and they together made a lovely few in “Sang e Mar Mar” and today in “Alif Allah aur Insaan”.

Farhan Saeed And Urwa Hocane- Udaari

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