Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Tough Nighttime’ Red Carpet Date MAY ALSO Be Her Future Self applied by saeed nasir Looks

Looks like I’ve yet another little bit of news to file in the “Totally Amazing” category: Scarlett Johansson finally achieved her future personal at the Rough Night premiere — sort of. Needless to say, Johansson knew it would happen because she helped to help make the magical doppelg?nger point in time take place, but it was an absolutely precious event nonetheless. I have no idea about you, but I believe it’s quite damn cool that Johansson surely got to commemorate the premiere of her new film with somebody who appears like her.

Matching to E! Media in April, Johansson first learned all about her septuagenarian doppelg?nger, Geraldine, when Geraldine’s grandson submitted a picture of her at 22 years of age to Reddit. The photography blew up, and apparently, despite Johansson having zero public media presence, she found out about the photo’s lifetime. The acting professional actually registered a video commenting on the picture and expressing excitement about having a “twin”:

“I want to meet you in person. I noticed that you were quote ‘drunk as a skunk’ when taking that photo, and I would like to see your drunk face. I want to reveal a drunk face along with you. Let’s have a drink, Geraldine … Would you like to come to see ‘Bad Night’ with me? Be my guest? We’re a couple of partying girls, so it is a good working theme, and I’ll cover all of your covered costs. I’ll see you at the pub. Be there or be square!”

Fast onward from April to June — specifically, the night time of the Tough Night premiere. Figure who arrived? Geraldine. And think who was happy AF to finally meet Geraldine face-to-face? Johansson, naturally. I mean, check out this happy hug instant:

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For guide, here’s the picture of a Geraldine:

When Johansson recounted this red carpet getting together with during an interview with Stephen Colbert lately, she also uncovered that, true to her original proposal, she and Geraldine acquired “trashed.” Johansson appeared totally excited about the fact that she’s a badass female for a doppelg?nger and pointed out that this wasn’t the last time she wanted to hang out with Geraldine.
After uncovering that Geraldine’s little princess owned a club, she joked that she’d be making her way right down to Arkansas to get trashed once again with her lookalike.

Now, what would it take to ensure that Johansson and Geraldine star in a movie together?

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