Salman Khan starts up on his stardom, says his providers have always made profits

Superstar Salman Khan who has completed three ages in Bollywood, says he would rather stay in as soon as than rest on his history laurel
Salman Khan arrives at the Eid party organised by his sister Arpita Khan.

Over the past 30 years, neither success nor failure has really affected Salman Khan’s stardom. His Eid release, Race 3, crossing the 100-crore tag within three days, has consolidated his position in the industry. But the professional maintains his brand cool composure as he discusses completing three decades in the industry.

Salman made his debut in 1988 with a encouraging role in Biwi Ho Toh Aisi (1988) and got a breakthrough with a leading role in Maine Pyar Kiya the following time. However, the actor maintains that very little has altered in his job even after 30 years. “Nothing has improved frankly. Maybe the movies that I did back then, didn’t make a lot money at the package office, however the producers still profited from them. Those films that I did were also the best of the whole lot,” he says.

Whenever we ask him about his fondest memories, the superstar says that he’s somewhat hang out looking in advance than taking into consideration the past. He still lives with his family and spending time with them is something that he cherishes. “I feel like I agreed upon Maine Pyaar Kiya day before yesterday, it released yesterday and Personally i think like I am doing an interview today for my next film. I don’t have any time and energy to reminisce because I utilise that time to work and spend time with my family,” he points out.

The 52-year-old professional is one of the biggest superstars in Bollywood today but he insists that he never thought about how life would be at 52 and simply concentrated on the work at hand. “I never actually considered all these things. I took everything as it emerged if you ask me and lived by the day. When I got a low point in time, I went down, so when it was high, I proceeded to go higher, in terms of investing in the hard work and self-discipline. I also realised that this was the ultimate way to be — to provide your best shot in that point in time and the leave the others to God, “he says.

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