Salma Hayek chose to stay mum to ‘protect us’ from Harvey Weinstein, says Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas said when he got to know of Salma Hayek having been sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein, he asked her why she never told him. Her reply was that she was seeking to safeguard her friends and herself from the powerful manufacturer who could make or break professions.

Salma Hayek appeared as the business lead professional in the Hollywood film Frida in 2002.
Salma Hayek never told Antonio Banderas about the misuse to which she says Harvey Weinstein subjected her, in line with the Spanish professional, who classes her a close friend.

When he learned about it years following the pair possessed filmed the Weinstein-produced movie Frida, Banderas picked up the phone and called to ask her why she acquired never said anything.

She said she was “trying to safeguard us.”

Hayek was one of the many alleged victims of the disgraced film company, who had the power to make — or break — a job. She said he previously harassed her for sexual favours and forced her to execute a lesbian sex scene in Frida.

“I’ve caused Harvey Weinstein, he has produced movies I have already been in, but I was not aware” of the allegations, Banderas advised AFP in a phone interview.

“When the problem of Salma came up, the initial thing I did so was call her to ask, ‘Why did you not inform me anything?'”

Salma Hayek as Frida in a still from the film.
She advised Banderas she was hoping to protect herself and her friends, because she “knew he was an extremely powerful character and that if she said something to us and we confronted him, we would pay a very high price.”

Mexican-born Hayek, writing in THE BRAND NEW York Times previous December, explained Weinstein as a “monster” and detailed the tortuous filming of a movie.

They would continue to work together in other videos, including Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Puss in Boots.

The Weinstein scandal first erupted last October, attracting in other big brands in the entertainment industry and leading to motions like #MeToo and Time’s Up.

“I think it was destined to explode,” said the 57-year-old Banderas. “It’s unacceptable… These people should be helped bring before a jury.”

In fact, Weinstein has been recharged in another circumstance in NY with rape and assault. He has pleaded not liable and it is free on bail of $1 million.

Picasso was ‘not abusive’

In his long career, Banderas has worn many faces. He voiced the adorable kitten in Shrek, played out Che Guevara in Evita and today, in the Country wide Geographic series Genius, performs Pablo Picasso, a man he defends in the current debate over mistreatment.

“He was very controversial in his private life, I understand that,” Banderas says. “He determined serious human errors with women, but they did not exceed infidelity — and did not include mistreatment.”

“I believe he used women but did not abuse them. He used a woman as a muse… I really do not see Picasso as an abusive man.”

This image released by Country wide Geographic shows Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso in the next season of Country wide Geographic’s Genius, premiering on Apr 24. (AP)
He added: “I had the opportunity to speak with his daughter, who’s 82 yrs . old. She told me, ‘My daddy was a good man… (and) a good father.'”

Picasso acquired “dark, dark-colored places, like all humans,” Banderas said.

“Genius,” he said, makes no try to idealize the Spanish artist.

“We tried out to be fair — given what we know.”

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