Sahir Lodhi Apologizes after Heading bit Overboard

Sahir Lodhi, while hosting a Ramadan transmission on a private channel attract some unwanted controversy from his words.

Sahir Lodhi just lately experienced the wrath of Twitterati after having a clip of him insulting a participant on his Ramazan transmitting went viral.

The lady, who acquired just started out speaking, was shut down by the sponsor when she pointed out Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in her speech. That’s when Lodhi butted in and commenced blasting her on air.

“Who provided you the permission to question the services of Jinnah? We’d never have been living here so openly if he hadn’t helped us,” the 49-year-old actor said.
However, the Raasta superstar has now issued a clarification about his position on the matter.

In a recent eight minute video, Sahir disclosed that only 1 area of the video proceeded to go viral which didn’t include his apology to the participant just moments later.

“Three days ago, there is a debate where the participant used a phrase, wishing to struggle, and the Jinnah’s subject came into being and I got a little stirred,” started Lodhi. “For the first two days and nights, I was loved highly for speaking favorably about the founder of our land. However, on the 3rd day, I came across messages on interpersonal media that we spoke in a disrespectful manner to the participant,” he added. “I wasn’t focusing on a single person, I was addressing all of us as a country. However, the other area of the clip wasn’t shown, where I apologised to the lady on air just moments later.”

He then looked at the clip of the same transmission that had got him in hot water. Inside the other part of the video, the professional is sometimes appears apologizing profusely to the participant.

He says, “I humbly apologies to you, I got a little overly enthusiastic. Please do not blame Quaid-e-Azam, do not blame Liaquat Ali Khan. I apologise for the way I spoke, so you can get too blunt and curt. Please do forgive me nowadays and the Hereafter.”

Lodhi then continued to praise the same participant, naming her as the best of the whole lot. Saba (the participant) was announced runner up in your competition and Sahir followed her back again to her put on set.

However, in his much ‘ardent’ talk about the founder of Pakistan, Sahir’s possible slide of tongue was served a show-cause notice by Pemra, for an explanation for the part where he alleged that Jinnah triggered deaths of thousands.

Since he already apologized to the unintentional unease caused by his ‘moving’ conversation for Jinnah, we wonder what Lodhi might have to say about this

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