Rumour: Joss Whedon evolved the ending of Justice League BY SAEED NASIR

Another week, another Justice Little league rumour. The amount of continual grapevine activity can be expected though for a movie that has seen an eleventh-hour change in directors resulting in a whole lot of incredibly high priced and extended reshoots. These kinds of reshoots are par for the course on big blockbuster films, but new director Joss Whedon’s efforts look like much more than simply pick-up shots.

We’ve listened to it talked about that Whedon was simply doing additional dialogue and figure beats to smooth out and lighten up the work already done by original director Zack Snyder, but that definitely didn’t fall into line with the $25 million price tag apparently mounted on these reshoots. What makes more financial sense though is a recently available be aware in the /Film Daily podcast which claims that Whedon has in truth gone as far as to improve the film’s closing.

/Film’s brain honcho Peter Sciretta expresses that “from what I’ve heard is happening, Joss Whedon has been earned to make it lighter, as has been reported, but he’s also redoing the stopping of the movie”. He goes on to explain the way the central of Snyder’s idea – Darksied’s general Steppenwolf wants the alien supercomputer Mom Boxes on Earth – continues to be unchanged, but that Whedon is ditching the cliffhanger concluding originally planned.

Actually this movie is all about the Mother Boxes, you know. The bad guys are trying to get the Mother Boxes. Steppenwolf is trying to obtain the Mother Bins and he’s looking to get the planet earth ready for the approaching of Darkseid. And the original finishing of the movie from what I understand was, he was kind of participating in the Magic Surfer role, with Darkseid participating in the Galactus role, and the finishing of the movie was a cliffhanger and Justice Group 2 was going to be Justice Little league vs Darkseid. You know, Darkseid arrives at Earth. This sort of down, dirty finishing and from what I understand that has been completely removed. The stopping ends the movie just like a movie. It generally does not end on a huge cliffhanger now.
If true, I think this is a superb change. One of Batman v Superman’s most greatly criticized aspects was the clumsy Justice Category teases shoehorned into that movie. At this time, Warner Bros and co need to produce a good movie first before they start setting up sequels. Especially since Justice League’s reception could influence WB’s future strategies for all of those other DCEU. Programs that currently seem to feature a lot of Marvel Woman.

We’ve already observed in the latest Justice Category truck how Gal Gadot’s Amazonian princess is being put forward and centre – unsurprising after Surprise Woman’s runaway critical and commercial success. It appears that Wonder Woman’s effect on Justice Little league doesn’t stop there though. Within the previously mentioned trailer, we can see a shot of Steppenwolf arriving on Heaven Island, the invisible homeland of the Amazons. It would seem that was actually part of the reshoots Whedon acquired done, used to flesh out Steppenwolf more.

They does a reshoot with Robin Wright [who takes on Standard Antiope in Question Woman], and that’s heading to be, to setup a flashback explaining who Steppenwolf is and Steppenwolf is currently the big bad of the movie, whereas Darkseid was this looming danger that will not now come I don’t think.
Providing Steppenwolf – who’ll be voiced and mo-capped by the great Ciaran Hinds – better characterization than simply a collection of pixels for the Justice Category to punch and kick is vintage Whedon. Writing properly developed character types is exactly what he does indeed best. Couple that with Snyder’s flair for visuals, and I must declare that I’m getting more and more excited the closer we get to Justice League’s November 17 release particular date.

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