Kim Kardashian and Kanye Western reportedly chosen a surrogate mom to carry their third child to term, scheduled to complications about the certainty show star’s reproductive organs making for a life-threatening condition. However, the Kardashian family apparently disagrees on the various aspects of the surrogacy as well as the being pregnant itself.

It seems that the music and reality power couple that is KimYe are established on growing the already substantial Kardashian-West dynasty, although health threats and complications prevent them from totally noticing their goal by themselves. To get around the possibly life-threatening issues of another motherhood for the style entrepreneur, the couple allegedly chosen a surrogate mom to transport their third child relating to TMZ.

Over the Kardashian family’s end, family reportedly stuff on Kim and Kanye planning another child, according to inside resources for Radar Online. Furthermore, the family supposedly does not support the thought of Kardashian and West carrying by having a surrogate mom, with family matriarch Kris Jenner not approving of her daughter’s chosen surrogate.

Some of the objections on another Kardashian-West child touch on the matter that three children are too much for the couple’s preferred lifestyle, although this is despite the fact that Kim’s sister Kourtney already does have three kids of her own while their mom Kris Jenner possessed six children across two relationships.

Kim and Kanye already have two children: North, who just switched 4 yrs . old last June 15, and 1-year-old baby Saint, who was simply born December 5, 2015. Despite already having a baby twice, the techniques for every single delivery were reportedly highly tumultuous and further complications were probably fatal to the mother, regarding to a recollection of her pregnancies on Kardashian’s blog.

Sources also claim that Kim and Kanye are also not in a good place in their marriage, with the couple having apparently numerous arguments with one another for a long time. The actual rift in their romantic relationship possibly began last year when Kardashian was robbed in a Paris apartment in Oct of last year, while West experienced a very public breakdown throughout a concert a bit more than a month later.


It is possible that the family can be involved that forcing such a significant decision as another motherhood is not a decision best made during such a hard patch in a romantic relationship. The fact that they have to proceed through a surrogate father or mother for their third being pregnant also brings in potential risks, both familial and legal

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