Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar show their allegiance to the other person in extreme ways in Lamar’s new video recording BY SAEED NASIR

It’s tough to be always a loyal guy if you are ornamented by a sea of scantily clad women. That’s the picture kicking off the video aimed by Dave Meyers & The Little Homies, extracted from Lamar’s double-platinum record DAMN.

There’s a struggle between Lamar and a much bigger foe (Lamar wins of course). Then Lamar asks, “You believe me?” as he hangs Rihanna off a skyscraper ledge.

She definitely shows her unblinking devotion.

Then it’s all moving in circles as Lamar drives reckless sportscar doughnuts until the laughing few get slammed by another vehicle.

All good, they endure. And Lamar, who lead the MTV VMA nominations with eight this week, are able another
Here’s the video tutorial below

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