Richard Linklater’s Little girl Gets Deferred Word for Medication Demand BY SAEED NASIR

Lorelei Linklater was imprisoned in-may 2016 after troopers found pills in her car and a tote in her pocket that comprised cocaine.
Director Richard Linklater’s 23-year-old girl, who starred in her father’s Oscar-nominated movie Boyhood, has been given a three-year deferred word for a drug-possession cost in Texas.

Lorelei Sophistication Linklater will don’t have any conviction on her behalf record if she completes her probation successfully under sentencing conditions.

She was imprisoned in-may 2016 on Interstate 35 near Waco after her car collided with another vehicle. Troopers found loose pills in her car and a tote in her pocket that later was powered to contain cocaine.

Linklater’s lawyer, Rob Swanton, said she made a blunder and accepted responsibility because of this. He said the judge imposed a “very appropriate” maltreatment.

The celebrity in addition has came out in Occupy, Tx and Bomb City and can show up next in Woodshock.

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