REPLACE Ever before Aqua Shadows For Summer time BY SAEED NASIR

REPLACE Ever before Aqua Shadows For Summer time BY SAEED NASIR
With all the hot summer months arriving, finding long-lasting and smudge-proof cosmetic products becomes essential to look perfect in warm weather conditions. Luckily, the wonder giant REPLACE Ever eased a lttle bit a complicated task launching the perfect collection of waterproof eyeshadow pencils. Aqua Shadows by REPLACE Ever is set for Planting season/Summer 2012.The most recent collection of shadows by REPLACE Ever will gratify everyone. Aqua shadows by REPLACE Ever includes all you need, stunning colors, long-lasting method and pencil design providing easy application.
AQUA SHADOW by Make Up For Ever
The iconic MAKE UP FOR EVER range carries on its experience with this new pencil that glides on the eyelids. New instant request for flawless results.
Tried on the catwalks – Aqua Shadow is driving on the crest of fashion
As an official sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, MAKE UP FOR EVER has revealed just as before its new AQUA products for the very first time in Miami.
Aqua Shadow took its test dive through the Miami fashion shows, jumping directly into the deep end, in the extreme backstage conditions of heat and humidity and with up-to-the-minute trends. Objective accomplished for the latest additions to the AQUA range, which were quickly snatched up and adored by the makeup performers on location.

Precious shadows

Aqua Shadow is a water-resistant eyeball shadow pencil with extra shaded pigments and long-lasting carry, containing a good jumbo idea. Its polished dark-colored body is topped off with a band, coloured with each shade and a corresponding cap.Aqua Shadow is so convenient; it can be slipped into a purse, beach bag or cosmetic artist’s case. It really is both water-resistant and long-lasting, resists seawater, chlorinated normal water and rubbing. Aqua Shadow brightens and intensifies the eyes in 3 moments flat. As well as for the pros, this is the offer of fast results that resist the extreme conditions of the level or the heat of fashion shows.

Easy to apply, shimmering or matte freshness

Aqua Shadow dresses the eye in natural, powerful and irresistible colors. Using its large hint and creamy feel, it can be applied within a stroke, abandoning the right amount of product. Its unprecedented texture quickly protects the eyelid; it keeps perfectly in place and does not highlight skin creases. Its buildable coverage allows natural as well as complex makeup results, which is easily blended with the fingertips.

A thirst for color

Aqua Shadow comes in 12 unique hues: 7 shimmering nude hues (Pearly Taupe, Pearly Copper, Pearly Green, Pearly Beige, Pearly Green Beige, Pearly White) and 5 matte tones (Matte Black, Matte Brown, Matte Taupe Gray, Matte DARK BLUE, Matte Green) for easy smoky eyes.
0E Matte black
2E Matte brown
4E Matte taupe grey
6E Matte navy blue

8E Matte green
20E Pearly taupe
22E Pearly coper
24E Pearly pink
26E Pearly peach
28E Pearly beige
30E Pearly pink beige
32E Pearly white

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