Real Men wear real Pink

Real Men wear real Pink

Pink is the new black for men which is the new trend all over the world. Those days are long over when pink and blue were gender determining colors.

In 21 century women do not monopolize fashion because men have become fashion mindful too. Fashion, now, is equivalent for men and women. Fashion in a layman’s dialect is to have the flavor to wear something ideal for years and time and men, who consciously dress up corresponding to fashion, are sought after and are appreciated.

Pink is the new dark-colored for men which is the new trend all around the globe. Days past are long over when red and blue were gender defining colors. Now men putting on pink are regarded as confident with a sensitive area to them. Green isn’t only a fashion affirmation but it is also one of those few colors which mixes well with greys, tans, black, navys and other blue shades. And there are many means of incorporating red in your wardrobe.

In the event that you already haven’t tried out pink than the ultimate way to overcome that stigma and hesitation is to start out from something small but apparent like a link or a headscarf or a head wear. That way you’ll get comfortable with the colour and slowly and gradually pave the right path to an outfit which is little or nothing significantly less than a show stopper. A green dress top is the daring statement and provides the nod from the contemporary society. Pink dress t shirts are one of the easiest ways to incorporate pink into the wardrobe. They are easily worn with suits, under sweatshirts or on their own with trousers or trousers.

Come early july the pink is likely to be enhanced in trousers and suits and they will be the best costume to wear on weddings or parties. I know you might be having a hard time visualizing this, but when I say suits and trousers After all seersucker or light cotton.

The old myth of red being girls color or gay’s open public statement is totally wrong because in this time and age fashion is focused on daring expressions and taking the risk and what better way to be vivid and gallant than using pink! It requires a self assured man to wear pink and that’s what women want for!

Men of the generation have the chance to be market leaders in teaching others how to look at this not-so-typical color. In fact, wearing pink this year is about sorting the men from the young boys; “Real Men” do wear pink

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