Rapper B.o.B. Has started a GoFundMe campaign to show That the Earth Is Flat through SAEED NASIR

Rapper B.o.B., who made waves last yr for tweeting that the Earth is chiseled, now goals your assist to verify his concept.

“assist guide B.o.B purchase and release multiple satellites into area,” reads the fundraising page’s rationalization. “he will be retaining you modified with step-by using-step facts of the procedure! assist B.o.B discover the curve!”
for the reason that advertising campaign launched on Sept. 21, 27 donors have given a total $596 to the rapper by way of sufficient time of writing — he’s aiming to elevate $two hundred,000 for the undertaking.

what is up guys! I can be documenting every step-by means of-step procedure to send our very own satellite television into area. assist display B.o.B the curve!

In 2016, the rapper, whose actual call is Bobby Ray Simmons, fallen a diss maintain music of on astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, after Tyson tried to influence him that the Earth is, in easy reality, spherical.
“Neil Tyson want to take it smooth his vest/ they will in all likelihood write that man one hell of the check,” examine one range from B.o.B.’s record,”Flatline.”

For his component, Tyson clapped again again with a technological rationalization, and decreased his mic on national tv to illustrate gravity.
The view that Planet Earth is a hard and fast disc, in preference to a globular-fashioned spheroid, has been amplified currently through tremendous megastar endorsements, studies CNN.aside from B.o.B., high-profile flat-Earthers include Tila Tequila, NFL participant Sammy Watkins and NBA celebrity Kyrie Irving. (however, it seems Irving will be simply trolling everybody along with his professed idea in a flat Earth.)

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