Rabi Pirzada: Bollywood and Salman Khan Is Ruining Our Youngsters!

Matching to both Rabi and Naseem, prefer to behind this latest opportunity is to regenerate the dwindling film industry of Lahore, that was following the hub of Pakistani entertainment. Also, they can be hoping to stimulate viewership for local theatre in america. Rabi explained that Pakistan’s desire to have Indian movies has over time been ruining its children, who are completely forgetting their culture and traditions.

“Another film released in Bollywood is really about offense or some legal activities, especially videos of Salman Khan. My question is, exactly what are Indian film-makers instructing the junior? It appears like they are actually just promoting criminal offense,” she stated. “There’s a period when Pakistani theater was at its perfect, making films with moral lessons and plots highlighting general population ethics. We were educating the planet through our videos but Bollywood has better all those things.”

The performer and professional described that is why she determined to join up for hands with Naseem. “We determined we will generate a tale that owns special lessons for Pakistani children,” Rabi said. “There is no shortage of capacity within our country. Naseem is writing the script of the film himself and soon, the sound will be finalized as well.”

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