Pitch Perfect 3 COULD HAVE More Explosions than ANOTHER A Cappella Movie UP TO NOW BY SAEED NASIR

The truck for Pitch Perfect 3 was released on Sunday, and it looks like not graduating from college can save the members of the fictional a cappella group the Bellas off their dark musical pasts. Nor, it seems, can they be kept from exploding motorboats: the truck prominently features actors Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick soaring in slow action away from a great time that would fit in just fine in Transformers: The Last Knight. The unusually high-octane action seems appropriate because of this installment, however, as the Bellas face off against their most detrimental nightmare: a group, led by recent addition Ruby Rose, that creates its own songs and then performs them on musical equipment. Even if the premise is more paper-thin than usual–“Every year the USO places upon this performance to aid the soldiers in Europe!”–Rose is a formidable villainess and should be a good foil for the ultra-nerdy Bellas.

The main question any new Pitch Perfect film has to answer, however, is whether or not the series has empty its alarming commitment to making fat jokes at Rebel Wilson’s charge. On the evidence of the truck, the answer is, “Not a bit.” Wilson jokes about changing her name to “Obesity” while putting on a red “MAKE AMERICA EAT AGAIN” hat. On the other hand, Elizabeth Banking institutions and John Michael Higgins are returning to reprise their roles as “twin Fred Willards from Best in Show,” and there is no such thing as too many Fred Willards from Best in Show. Banks directed Pitch Perfect 2, but is handing directing tasks off to Trish Sie this time around; Sie made her name with OK Go’s clever “Here It Goes Again” video, so the choreography should be fun. The script, as with early on installments, is from 30 Rock and roll veteran Kay Cannon, who has right now strayed pretty far from Mickey Rapkin’s non-fiction book about collegiate a cappella competitions. Will the latest event in the Pitch Perfect saga soar, or will it be another aca-disappointment? A cappella-loving Americans can aca-find out on aca-December 22.

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