This Picture Of Rabi Peerzada Reminds Everyone of their Qabar BY SAEED NASIR

Rabi Peerzada is a famous performer who later, turned into a TV host and now, we can see her on the silver screen as well. Her start as a performer didn’t prove to be good but, she makes a great Television set host.


Aside from her career, Rabi appears to make it to the news for just one reason and another, from time to time. Lately, Rabi Peerzada shared this picture with her cutest dogs, and it has reminded all of their qabars!

Have a look!

if you want to make your country strong.. make your women strong!

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Rabi Peerzadi appears to be having a great time with her buddies but it’s just too gross at the same time. For a few it’s just too daunting too touch snakes, let alone to allow them to crawl all over yourself and that too, while taking a picture!

The internet has gone crazy and Rabi has received some invaluable response from people on social mass media. The internet doesn’t let go anything that easily and when something like this arises, it’s the best day to enjoy the comments!

Rabi has practically reminded everyone of their qabars plus they just can’t overcome it!


Well, this is not the very first time that Rabi Peerzada has done something similar to this. She also didn’t hesitate to use pictures with the lion. Yes, have a look!

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