Patty Jenkins Will Direct ‘wonder woman 2’ With A suggested Deal that might Make history For girls by way of SAEED NASIR

we might have predicted the confirmation that Patty Jenkins could return to direct wonder girl 2 for some time now. however, what we may not have seen coming turned into the rumor that directing surprise girl 2 might reportedly make Jenkins the highest paid girl director in records. in line with The Hollywood Reporter, assets claim Jenkins will be paid between $7 million and $9 million to work as a director and author at the sequel to this summer time’s largest film. (Jenkins’ reps declined to comment.)


this is a very vital second for girls that can not be not noted. Jenkins’ salary improve to direct marvel girl 2 shows without delay that she will be paid in a way that displays her difficult paintings on the first film and the methods in which she guided marvel female to brilliant fulfillment. it’s miles unprecedented for her to be incomes this kind of salary and yet it’s miles absolutely proper and honest that she is earning it, too.

For Jenkins to earn among $7 and $nine million is nicely-deserved. it is a display of religion from the studio paying her that they agree with in her imaginative and prescient and they know that she will be able to yet again guide marvel lady lower back to greatness in this sequel. at the start of 2016, THR reported that surprise female made around $103 million the weekend it opened right here within the united states. this is, absolutely, a signal of a success film specifically when it changed into made on a price range of $149 million. at the same time as it did not make its price range again starting weekend, it become an first rate start and it changed into clear the film might do greater than spoil even as it successively broke domestic and global field workplace data.

Her achievement with wonder female, both financially and in regards to the piece of artwork that she helped to create, make certain that she may be regarded as one of the maximum outstanding lady administrators — and simply administrators, sans gendered terminology — in film history. She did something unheard of with a movie whose subject rely (an unabashedly feminist lady superhero film) isn’t typically idea of as being container office hit cloth. to look that her hard paintings is being rewarded with a giant pay increase to make sure she comes back to make that sort of magic manifest once more handiest adds to this sort of unparalleled action.

cash communicate apart, what is maximum vital is that that is happening to a lady. Jenkins has managed to interrupt through a glass ceiling that has sincerely felt more like a brick wall for many years. rather than simply being told she is a top notch director and congratulated for her achievements, she is being rewarded in a way that male administrators are frequently rewarded: with a earnings boom.

it’s tough to think of other woman directors who have been in similar positions (you may instantly think about The harm Locker’s Kathryn Bigelow or Selma’s Ava DuVernay as other splendid excessive-profile female administrators), which need to most effective illustrate to you that Jenkins’ success in negotiating her way to this success is a big breakthrough for ladies in the movie enterprise. It actions the bar of expectation from girls inside the industry up a notch whilst signalling to the guys in rate that the efforts and successes of women inside the industry be rewarded hence.
that is an undeniably remarkable moment for Jenkins and we ought to honor her therefore. but that is also a huge second for girls in movie and optimistically, this new fulfillment in how girls are paid for his or her work will have a ripple impact outward to women inside the administrative center, regardless of industry.

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