Paresh Rawal is perplexed to Work in Pakistan: Paresh Rawal changed his declaration BY SAEED NASIR

Paresh Rawal is renowned Bollywood star. He is older actor and has worked in many Bollywood movies include humor and wise films. Few days again, Paresh Rawal stated that he’d Want to work in Pakistan. However now, Paresh Rawal is lost to Work in Pakistan. He said that he was misquoted, he didn’t wish to work in Pakistani films instead he said that he liked Pakistani dramas and films.

Paresh Rawal is confused to Work in Pakistan
“I never said I wish to work in Pakistani movies, neither it is my wish. I wish to categorically condition this. I have been misquoted,” said Paresh Rawal.

“I just said that I liked Pakistan’s TV serial ‘Humsafar’, but never said ours are boring. I only said ours are a little slow”.

“There should be no ban on anyone or anything. Even in Hindi Medium there is a Pakistani celebrity but nothing took place as the spirits is good in the country.”

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