Pakistani Directors Shocked by Demand of Fawad Khan BY SAEED NASIR

Fawad Khan has become one of the very most successful and high demanding celebrities of the country. This man started his job as a singed and worked with EP band. Then he turned to fashion industry and walked on ramp for most big fashion designers of Pakistan. Finally came a period when Fawad Khan was presented with the opportunity to appear in drama series of Pakistan. His drama, Humsafar gave a new edge to his ever doubting profession. In this specific episode, Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan performed very well.

Fawad Khan in Bollywood

Nowadays, Fawad Khan is employed in india. This man has made himself identified in bollywood and the makers and directors of Pakistan also want him to cast in their videos and dramas. While using success of Khoobsurat, Pakistani filmmakers attempted to address fawad khan for employed in their movies. These were given a major shock when the news headlines came up that fawad khan is demanding a remuneration of 10 million rupees.

Pakistani movie directors from Karachi and Lahore even overseas tried to consult the director of fawad khan. However they were informed that fawad does not have any dates and he cannot work in any Pakistani movie because he has determined various movies in India and still shooting for the kids. The manager advised that he will remain too active in bollywood from 2015-2016, and in that situation, fawad khan cannot commit any thing to work in Pakistani videos.

Alternatively, the issue is the high remuneration fawad khan is requesting working in Pakistani movies. Certainly, we can say that he’s one of the most talked about Pakistani superstars. But this won’t mean the person should neglect that his individuality is Pakistan not bollywood. He should consider to lower his asking price t work in Pakistani movies because Pakistan is his homeland not india.

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