Pakistani bridegroom dress

Pakistani bridegroom dress

Sherwani, the special you
Sherwani is the traditional Pakistani bridegroom dress worn by many on the wedding day.

Sherwani is the original Pakistani groom dress worn by many on their wedding day.

Pakistani bridegroom usually on his special occasion likes to wear sherwani. Sherwani is a traditional dress of the sub-continent. Sherwani is a Pakistani groom dress which in so many years has not removed out of fashion.

Nowadays sherwani’s come in all sorts of colors and styles. Sherwani also offers needle and stone focus on it to make the Pakistani bridegroom dress look very attractive.

Sherwani is rather similar to a coat, but extends down till the knees (sometimes even lower). Among the traditional clothing worn in South Asia, especially Pakistan, it is worn together with a kurta, a loose shirt that also grows to till the knees. A sherwani can be paired with a churidar, khara pajama or a shalwar.

Red, maroon and golden comprise of typically the most popular colors options for sherwanis for the Pakistani groom

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