Pakistan Showbiz Lollywood Actress Aiman Khan capturing new play ‘Hari Hari Churriyan’ BY SAEED NASIR

It’s a beautiful play that revolves around love and revenge, as my identity, Aiman, is in love with Ali played by Wahaj Ali.”

The one persona in Mann Mayal besides the lead match who stole everyone’s center was Biya,played by the beautiful young Aiman Khan.Since this past year, she’s come quite a distance,appearing in takes on like zindaan and Khaali Hath that are observed with a great deal of eagerness among audiences.

After a occupied day at the photograph, Aiman Khan uncovered that upcoming dilemma is being directed by Syed Ati Hussain and has been written by Jahanzaib Qamar, that has penned down has like Malaika and Jannat to mention a few.

Talking about her role,Aiman revealed, “It’s a beautiful play that revolves around love and revenge,as my charm,Aiman, is in love with Ali played by Wahaj Ali.He’s her cousin so that as the story progresses she gets caught deciding between Ali and her other cousin,played by Hassan Ahmed.His is a poor role.”The drama will also see Sajid Hassan playing the role of my father and Mehmood Aslam will be essaying the role of my Taya,whose kid is Hassan Ahmed.

Aiman and Ali like one another,but due for some misunderstandings Aiman ends up marrying Hassan. Ahmed’s figure Waqar, who’s much more than her, doesn’t treat her just how a better half should be cared for. Now why he does that and whether he’s aware of the feelings that exist between Aiman and Ali is exactly what the drama is focused on.” Hari Hari Chooriyan is made by Zeeshan Khan and is expected to continue air after Eid, using its shooting completely swing nowadays.

Another thing discovered by Aiman Khan, was the petite actress is teaming up with her Khaali Haath co-star Shehzad Sheikh and Ali Abbaas, and luckily, Abbas will be playing the role of her brother rather than a crazy bother-in-law, for this new project.

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